Exsekias Trivoulides was born in Port-Said, Egypt of Hellenic origin and he is the oldest of 5 siblings. Due to the political situation in Egypt, his family was forced to leave the country and rebuild their lives in Athens, Hellas.

The young artist made frequent visits to the museums, monuments, and the rural villages and towns, where he became fascinated by the union of nature and the ancient ruins.

He began to paint at the age of four and learned by observing his mother, father, and grandmother. After the death of his father, his mother and his family moved to United States of America. There, he continued to develop his craft, following the fundamental principles of the Hellenic culture that surrounded him at his youth.

In 1992, after watching a documentary, which told the story of Michelangelo’s struggle to successfully redefine himself as a painter, Exsekias Trivoulides was inspired to explore sculpting as a new medium, his first ever sculpture was that of «Pan».

In order to finance his education at George Mason University, he sought commission work as a mosaicist, muralist, sculptor, and interior designer.

He has obtained from George Mason University, bachelor degrees in Art Studio and Art History with minors In Mediterranean Archaeology and Classics.

While studying at George Mason, he was in charge of all the international cultural events during the “Students International Week”, having as his goal the promotion of the Hellenic culture throw art.

He was selected to an apprenticeship by the renowned figure sculptor, Michael Curtis, where he assisted in the creation for the bronze death mask of Roger Stevens, the former director of the Kennedy Centre, in Washington D.C. for the library of Congress.

Exsekias talent derives from a family history in the arts spanning three generations of poets, painters, musicians, resulting in an early exposure to the arts, while he himself undertook sculpture, painting, mosaic work and poetry.

[Irene Trivoulides (1892-1979). The grandmother of Exsekias was educated in Arsakion and was a late Victorian painter.
Basil Trivoulides (1925-1978). His father was a surrealist and abstract painter, architect, civil engineer, cit planer and piano composer. Graduate from the Fine Art Academy of Paris, «Ecole de Beaux Art» and awarded with many international awards and recognitions.
Stamatia Trivoulides (1941-). His mother is an awarded classical painter, interior designer, actress and poetess. She is a member of the international Gilt of Monte and a founding member of Women Museum in the Arts.]

Exsekias’s portrayal of the human figure was greatly influenced by both classical Greek sculptures and Italian Renaissance paintings. His sculpted human figures display a reverence for classical proportions while instilling a contemporary style that gives his work a refreshing spirit. His contemporary three dimensional reliefs are set in background of decidedly modern geometric structures and abstract shapes with touches of bright neon colours and lights that define the shapes. His paintings and sculptures depict the human figure classical in his poses and in his subject matter, with contemporary approach and execution with dynamic lines, grace, harmony, balance and attention to detail. His strength in micro sculpting has established his among the classical designers of jewelry making, inspired in his subject matter from the ancient Hellenic tradition, while giving his own touch. His art projects have sensitive dynamism, as a result they do not appear immobile and they escape from the neoclassical prototypes.

His intense Erotic sculptures and paintings inspired by ancient Greek mythology and history since 2003, after press reports, have established him under the name, "Exsekias the Sculptor of Eros".

Mr. Trivoulides’ ability to fuse classicism with the contemporary, allows his work to be appreciated by a wide audience. Both traditionalists and collectors looking for a new direction in art have become avid collectors of his work.

His creations

Proposal presentation for an Olympic Monument in 2003 inspired by a dream via the web on youtube. (In Greek) (In English)

Creator of the "Artemis" Award, for a Women Organization, the Hellenic-American Council, in 2006 with international recipients including, the Governor of New York, Carolyn Maloney and Senator, Hillary Clinton.


Exhibitions and events

2022, 9-12 February, “TIME OF ART”, Kifisia, Athens
2021, 5-6-7 November, 1st DESIGNERS POP UP STORE, Gazi, Athens - Greece
2020, Art Night at, “EL RAVAL”, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
2014-2019, «PHALLIPHORIA», carnival event inspired by ancient Hellenic traditions , Athens - Greece
2018, «THE ODESSEY OF KNOWLEGE», 2nd International Congress of Arts & Sciences, Aristotelian Theater, Thessaloniki, Macedonia - Greece
2018, "Sea routes", Hellenic-French Association, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
2018, "In the colors of Eros", Hellenic-French Association, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
2017, «New Contemporary Artworks», Hellenic-French Association, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
2009-2017 Artistic activities with the presentation of erotic reliefs, sculptures and paintings inspired by Eros in ancient Greece, at the "Athena Erotic Art Festival"
2008, A gallery showing with renown painters, Alexandro Heretakis and Stratis Mentakis, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
2008. " EOS" fine art gallery, Athens - Greece
1990 – 92, "Oscar" gallery, Washington, D. C. - U.S.A.
1089, "Collectors" art gallery, for the “Washington Women
Investor Club”. Washington, D.C. - U.S.A.
1974, "Decca" gallery, Athens - Greece

Solo shows

2013, "Salon Oriental", Presentation of Erotic Art Works, Bournazi, Athens - Greece
2004, "Ozios", presentation of his first Erotic Art Works in America, Washington, D.C. - USA
2003, Presentation of her first Erotic Art Works in Greece, Glyfada, Athens - Greece
1997, "Erickson & Riper" gallery, Old Town Alexandria, VA - U.S.A.
1995 – 96, "Babylon" dance - club, Washington, D. C.- U.S.A.
1990 – 91, "Savios" restaurant, Alexandria, VA - U.S.A.


2018, Relief Bust for a memorial Monument of Colonel Georgiou Samouil, Makrigianni Building, outside of the Acropolis Museum, Athens - Greece
2018, International Erotic Awards, "SIRINA ENTERTAINMENT", Athens - Greece
2017, Sculpture / Award as "Bubulina", (A Greek Heroin of 1821 Greek war of independence, for the New York U.S. Senator, Carolyn Maloney
2016, Sculpture / Prize Hera / Athens, Star & Mr. GS Hellas Award for Fine Arts, Athens
2015, Sculpture for the 1600 years since the assassination of the Philosopher Hypatia, Technoupoli, Gazi, Athens - Greece
2008, Masks for the play "Bache", directed by Leonidas Loizidis
2007, "Philippion" Award for the Pan-Macedonian organisation in N.Y.
2007, "Spartans" Restaurant in, Βurke, VA.
2007, "Amvrosia" Restaurant in Herndon, VA.
2006, "Artemis" Award creator, for the European American Counsel, E.A.W.C. (Accepted by international personalities including Senator Hillary Clinton), Athens - Greece
2003, "La Tomate", Restaurant/Bar in Washington, D.C.
2002- 2007, numerous interior design projects incorporating fine arts, in luxurious homes in the Washington D.C. aeria
2001, "Acropolis" Restaurant/Bar in Washington, D.C.
2000, "Knossos" Restaurant in Vienna, VA
2000, "Shark Club" in Fredericksburg, VA
1998 "Mykonos Grill" in Rockville, MD.
1998, "Shark Club" of Bethesda, MD.
1997, "Bellini" hair salon in Vienna, VA.
1997, "Shark Club" Merrifield, VA.
1997, "Shark Club" Centerville, VA.
1996, "Spy club", later known as "Lost Atlantis", in Washington, D.C.
1991, Mosaic for Reverend Jesse Jackson, in Washington, D.C.
1988, «Watergate» interior decoration with Works of Art, Northern Virginia – U.S.A.